1.  Finance and Economic Development                                            Mr. Momodu Kargbo

                    Alhaji F B L Mansaray

  1. Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation                                 Mrs. Ebun Jusu
  2. Deputy Minister of Justice                                                            Mr. Arrow Bockarie
  3. Information and Communications                                                 Mr. Sheka Tarawalie
  4. Health and Sanitation                                                                   Mr. Mohamed Daudis Koroma

                      (Minister of State)                                             

                    Mr. Borbor Sawyer

  1. Agriculture, Food Security and Forestry                                         Mr. Ali Badara Mansaray

                    Mr. Lovell Thomas

  1. Works, Housing and Infrastructure                                                Mr. Abdul Babagaleh Barrie
  2. Education, Science & Technology                                                 Dr. Algasimu Jah

                    Dr. Lansana Nyallay

  1. Mineral Resources                                                                        Mr. Abdul Ignosis Koroma
  2. Political & Public Affairs                                                               Mr. Mohamed Benson Suwu
  3. Lands, Country Planning and the Environment                                Mr. Ahmed Kanu
  4. Local Government and Rural Development                                     Mr. Ibrahim Kaloko
  5. Internal Affairs                                                                             Mr. Raymond Kabia
  6. Marine Resources and Fisheries                                                     Haja Jeneh  Kandeh
  7. Energy and Water Resources                                                         Mr. Martin Bash Kamara
  8. Tourism and Cultural Affairs                                                         Mr. Syl Goba
  9. Youth Employment & Sports                                                         Mr. Emmanuel Gaima
  10. Labour and Social Security                                                            Mr. Mamoud Tarawalli
  11. Trade and Industry                                                                       Ms. Mabinty Daramy
  12. Transport and Industry                                                                 Mr. Sylvester Osmond Hanciles
  13. Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs                                Ms. Rosaline Oya Sankoh